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"Once a Bearcat always a Bearcat"

*Athletics Dept- organizes competitive sports program for seasonal & all year round (AYR) teams domestic and HS overseas IASAS events. 

*Activities Dept- organizes recreational/experiential offerings for the after school activity program for ES/MS/HS students.

Stay in touch via Friday parent bulletins, Athletics, Sailfish and Activities websites. 

Seasonal and AYR (All Year Round) practice schedules are posted HERE 

Visit the Sailfish website for information about our Sailfish swim program. 

ES/MS/HS Activities- Keep updated at ES/MS/HS Activities 

WEEK 23 feb 6-10, 2023 

Summary of final IASAS S2 results above. Congratulations to all our S2 IASAS Bearcats. 

S2 HS sports awards will be held Feb 16th from 5:15pm at the Fine Arts Theatre. Formal awards begin at 6pm.

S3 Tryouts and Practice Schedule- See the SCHEDULES (TRYOUTS & PRACTICE) PAGE FOR S3 SCHEDULES. Flyers are also posted on notice boards around school.

S3 HS/MS Athletics Registration - HS Students please register for S3 tryouts via the link in the HS student daily bulletin announcements. HS tryouts are Feb 6, 7 and 8.

MS Parents were sent an email this week on February 3rd to register your MS child for Season 3 team tryouts (Track & Field, Badminton and Golf) via a google registration form. The registration period will be open from Feb 3 12 noon until Feb 7, 12 noon. S3 tryouts are Feb 8,9,10 and S3 runs up until the Easter vacation.

ISM Saturday Community tennis resumes from February 18th until the end of the school year. The new booking window is open from Monday Jan 16th 12 noon to book slots for the Semester 2 dates starting February 18th. Please check the community tennis page HERE for details/dates and how to book.

Keep up to date with where and when our Bearcat teams are playing as match fixtures are added to the Bearcat Game Schedule. 

*GAME SCHEDULE: All match fixtures will be added to the Athletics game schedule which is updated regularly by Triz Gonzalez (Athletics Coordinator). The schedule gives the most up to date information on where/when and who our Bearcat teams will be playing throughout the school year. For parents: Access the game schedule by going to the ISM webpage then log in to the parent portal and click on the athletics game schedule icon.  Once the page opens, refresh the page to ensure access to the latest updated version of the game schedule. Please note this schedule does change often, so check it regularly for the most up to date information. Due to ISM security access to the game schedule must be routed via the parent portal and should not be shared with external parties.

Upcoming events- Game Schedule

Feb 6-8 HS S3 sports tryouts

Feb 8-10 MS S3 sports tryouts

Feb 9 V Boys basketball league final vs Xavier at Xavier

Feb 18 ISM Invitational Swim meet

Mar 4 Track meet at Brent

Mar 18 Track meet at ISM

Mar 24 Twilight track meet at ISM

S3 IASAS Mar 30-Apr 1 Golf & Badminton at ISB, T&F at JIS, Softball/Baseball at SAS

Our ISM Athletics website is the ‘one stop site’ for all athletics information. Bookmark this site to keep up to date with all our Athletics happenings at ISM. Parents and students please take some time to peruse the Athletics website. It has a wide variety of information on our sports program. If you are a new family and you have any questions regarding the competitive program of sports at ISM after reading the website information please send an email to New HS students and parents can find our more about IASAS HERE 

Remember to stay active, stay safe and let's have a great year of sports at ISM! 

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Team rosters are posted to the sport specific page below after S2 try outs








S3 tryouts HS Feb 6-8/MS Feb 8-10. MS registration released Feb 3 closes Feb 7






ALL YEAR ROUND (AYR) sports teams

AYR Teams are open for ES/MS/HS students via a tryouts week at the start of the year. Teams will compete in local league competitions/meets during the school year. See our AYR teams on offer below

Team rosters are posted to the sport specific page below.