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*Athletics Dept (ATAC)- oversees competitive sports program for seasonal & all year round (AYR) teams. 

*Activities Dept (AFAC)- facilitates recreational/experiential offerings for ES/MS/HS students.

Stay in touch via Friday parent bulletins, Athletics, Sailfish and Activities websites. 

Athletics Game Schedule- via SSO Parent Portal...look for the game schedule icon to find out where/when our Bearcats are playing

Seasonal and AYR (All Year Round) practice schedules 

SAILFISH WEBSITE for swim team information 

Week 39 June 3-6, 2024

A big thanks to all the swimmers and parents who attended last Tuesday's Sailfish end of year awards banquet at the ES gym. This event was well attended and was our year ending event for our Sailfish program. On behalf of all administration at ISM thank you to all Sailfish swimmers, coaches and parents for your dedication to the swimming program this year and we hope to see returning Sailfish swimmers and interested new swimmers back in the pool in August.

There will not be any after school athletics or activities in this final week of school June 3-6. Please arrange departure from campus asap each day next week. Thursday June 6 is a 12 noon early release day for the final day of classes this SY.

Have a great summer break, farewell to our departing Bearcats and stay safe, fit and healthy over the break. We shall welcome and see all returning Bearcats back in early August ready for another exciting year at ISM. SEE INFORMATION FLYER BELOW FOR IMPORTANT DATES TO NOTE FOR RETURNING BEARCATS AND PARENTS REGARDING REGISTRATION DATES FOR AYR TRYOUTS, S1 ATHLETIC TRYOUTS AND ACTIVITIES. MORE INFORMATION WILL BE PROVIDED IN EARLY AUGUST VIA THE ATHLETICS, ACTIVITIES & SAILFISH WEBSITES.

The ISM Athletics website is the ‘one stop site’ for all athletics information. Bookmark this site to keep up to date with all our Athletics happenings at ISM. Parents and students please take some time to peruse the Athletics website. It has a wide variety of information on our sports program. If you are a new family and you have any questions regarding the competitive program of sports at ISM after reading the website information please send an email to New HS students and parents can find out more about IASAS HERE 

The seasonal and year round sports schedules throughout the school year are posted on the SCHEDULES page. S1 tryouts, S1 practice schedule and AYR schedules will be posted in early August.

See information below on how to access the game schedule via the parent portal to keep up to date with match fixtures.

*GAME SCHEDULE: All match fixtures will be added to the Athletics game schedule which is updated regularly by Rhyss Nora (Athletics Coordinator). The schedule gives the most up to date information on where/when and who our Bearcat teams will be playing throughout the school year. For parents: access the game schedule by using your SSO to access the  the ISM parent portal and click on the athletics game schedule icon. Once the page opens, refresh the page to ensure access to the latest updated version of the game schedule. Please note this schedule does change often, so check it regularly for the most up to date information. *Due to ISM security access to the game schedule must be routed via the parent portal and should not be shared with external parties.

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ALL YEAR ROUND (AYR) sports teams

For SY 24-25 AYR teams are open for ES students Gr 2 and above and for MS/HS students via a tryouts week at the start of the year. As per the AYR team practice schedule the training expectation is 3 x per week. Teams will compete in local league competitions/meets during the school year. See our AYR teams on offer below.


*Max team roster 30 students ES-HS


*Max team roster 36 students ES-HS


*Max team roster dependent on squad sizes in conjunction with pool safety ratio


*Max team roster 36 students ES-HS


*Max team roster 36 students ES-HS


*Max team roster 26 students MS-HS