tryouts & registration

Tryout, Seasonal and AYR practice schedules are posted at the athletic website SCHEDULES page and will be available from late July ready for the start of the new SY.       

General Tryouts Information- Tryouts are open for any ISM student interested to be selected for a school team. Students are required to attend all tryout sessions in order to have the best opportunity for selection. If you are unable to attend tryouts please contact by email

Please note- not all students can/will be selected due to skill/ability, roster limits and number of teams able to be entered in local leagues. New/incoming students who will not arrive at the start of the school year or may arrive mid-season should contact to advise your child’s start date and team they may wish to tryout for so arrangements can be made. 

Generally if new students arrive at ISM 2/3 weeks after the season starts it will be highly unlikely they will be able to join a team as local seasons will have begun and official team rosters will have already been confirmed and submitted to local league organizations.

HS REGISTRATION (for Season 1, 2 & 3 and AYR team tryouts)-  

The ATAC/Athletics Sports registration linked below is open from late July/early August each SY. HS students can register once at teh beginning or the SY for sports they wish to do or you can register before the start of each seasonal tryout begins.

*Note-New students to HS will not be able to register until they are given access to their ISM email. Once the ISM email is provided students can then click on the link below to register. You may sign up for seasonal sports/All Year Round teams at link below. 

 Register at- HS ATAC/Athletics Registration (for HS students only)

The aim of this registration system is to improve safety, communication and student support for co-curricular activities. An important part of this system is once you have completed your choices and registered your parents will be sent a link to confirm your choices. Make sure and PLEASE check with your parents that they have received an email to approve your selections. HS parents will receive an email and a link via powerschool to approve your selections. Parents- Upon entering power school look for the ATAC registration Icon, click on it and it will give you the option to approve you child's sports selection(s) choices.