Extreme Weather & Cancelations

Normal Protocols: If athletic department sponsored events are likely to be canceled due to extreme weather conditions or extended periods of heavy rain the ISM security office will have the latest update and can advise if an event is pushing through or has been officially called off by the event organizers.

Please call the ISM security office at the numbers listed below or subscribe to and follow ISManilaAD twitter feed. If event(s) are affected by extreme weather conditions a tweet will be posted, a web post will appear on this page...so check Athletics website or call security office before you leave home if you are unsure!

A typical example was Saturday Aug 30, 2014, Saturday Sept 21, 2013, Sat Sept 15th 2012 and Saturday Oct 8th, 2011 when we experienced heavy overnight and early morning rain which made local soccer fields unplayable for the RIFA ES/MS festivals. Once the RIFA League organizers advised of the events cancellations (the day prior, 6:15am/6:00am and 5:30am on each occasion) the ISM security office was immediately informed.

Parents that called the security office or who checked the ATAC blog or twitter feed were able to confirm the event was off and thus they did not make the trip to other schools or ISM for the soccer festivals on those days. Due to the large number of different events and groups that use school facilities on the weekends the ISM security office will be able to provide an update if you are unsure whether an event may be canceled due to extreme weather events.


ATAC Office 840 8610 (weekdays only 7am-4pm)

  1. ISM Clinic 8840 8580 (school hours #)

  2. Security Office 8840 8530 (24 hrs/7 days a week)

  3. Security Office Cell 09175811832 (24 hrs/7 days a week)