MS & HS Track & Field teams are selected after tryouts week and our competition teams train and compete during S3 in local league competition. Our HS Varsity teams prepare via local league meets hosted at ISM and Brent IS for the IASAS competition. S3 tryouts are held in early February.


Meet dates for 2025 season- scroll down for all meet dates. Meet dates will be posted and are subject to officials availability/confirmation.

Meet dates for 2025 tbc?

Meet results for 2024

Feb 24th at ISM- Find HERE HS meet results, Find HERE MS meet results 

Mar 2 at Mar 2 Brent results

Mar 8 ISM twilight meet HS RESULTS MS RESULTS

Mar 15-17 Tiger classic HS meet in Taipei RESULTS

IASAS T&F Apr 4-6 ISB, Bangkok 

Day 1 Results – Morning

Day 1 Results – Afternoon 

Day 2 Results Day 3 Results

Meet results for 2023

Mar 4 at Brent- RESULTS

Mar 18 at ISM- March 18 ISM meet HS RESULTS and MS RESULTS

Mar 24 twilight meet at ISM- HS RESULTS and MS RESULTS

 2020, 2021 & 2022- All S3 T&F meets cancelled due to Coronavirus

IASAS Results @ TAS 2019

IASAS Results @ISM 2018

IASAS Results @ ISB 2017

IASAS Results @TAS 2016 

IASAS Results @ SAS 2015

 Iasas Track & Field Records