*From SY 24-25 students from Grades 2 thru 12 are eligible for team selection. Typically a max of 10 students from ES/MS/HS are selected to a part of the AYR Chess team

ISM EOY Chess competition May 25th, 2024

Chess for MS and HS is with Coach Gavin Ong  and Coach Mikee our ISM Chess Coaches. See practice schedule for venue. Tryouts take place in August and the team rosters are posted below after tryouts are over.

Chess players-  Login and be a member (for free) at these two great websites, and where it offers exercises for tactics, endgames, techniques, and provides instructional videos for different chess options. 

1. Team practice schedule is every Mon, Tue, and Thur, 3:15pm-4:45pm.

2. Attendance is closely monitored. In case of absence or tardiness, please let Coach Gavin know. 

3. For students who are engaged in other seasonal sports and or out of school activities, make sure that they are able to attend team training a minimum of twice a week. Please send an email to Coach Gavin to give him a heads up so he can take note which days they are coming. Once per week training is not allowed and your position on the team may be revoked if you cannot commit to the training sessions required.

General Qualification Criteria to be on the ISM Chess team:

Must be grade 2 or above and have an account on and (Note: All students will submit his/her username to the coach during tryouts. This will be strictly enforced and players with tournament experience is preferred.

Rating Requirement:

Elementary - None

Middle School - ~1300 rating on or

High School - ~1600 Rating on or


Basic Knowledge:

* How the Pieces Move

* How to Record Chess Moves (Algebraic Notation)

* Knows how a chess clock works

* What is Check and Checkmate

* What is Castling and When Can I Do It?

* Special Rules: Castling, The En Passant Capturing Rule

* Basic Checkmates Q + K vs. K, R + R vs. K

* Basic Checkmates (R+ K vs. K)

* Relative Worth of the Pieces

* Defensive Possibilities against Check

* Taking the Attacker

* Moving the King

* Intercepting the Piece

* Stalemate and Perpetual Check

Three Stages of the Game:

* Basic knowledge in the Opening

* Basic tactics (pin, skewer, fork, battery)

* Basic knowledge in the Middle game

* Basic knowledge in the Endgame

Chess Team for 24-25 is posted below after tryouts in August 

 ES Chess Team up to max of 10 students

 MS Chess Team up to max of 10 students

 HS Chess Team up to max of 10 students