Cross Country

For HS and MS Cross Country we do not have cuts. If you try out then you can be a member of the XC squad. HS students who do attend regular training sessions may be ineligible to race in local meets. MS students must attend 2 sessions per week in order to be selected to run at weekend meets!

HS Boys XC Squad 2024

HS Girls XC Squad 2024

MS XC Squad 2024


Race results 2024: dates tbc?

Faith meet

Brent meet

ISB invitational meet Sept 14

Faith meet

ISM twilight meet

Race results 2023


Oct 6 at ISM

Sept 16 at FAITH

Sept 9 at BRENT

Sept 2 at Faith RESULTS

Sept 3, 2022 at Faith RESULTS

Sept 16, 2022 Twilight at ISM

Sept 24 , 2022 at Brent see images above for Brent meet results

IASAS at Bangkok Oct 6 5km

Girls 5km, Boys 5km, Girls 3km TT, Boys 3km TT

IASAS at Bangkok Oct 7 3km TT

Race results 2021

All events cancelled due to COVID-19!

Race results 2020: 

All events cancelled due to COVID-19!

Race results 2019: 

Aug 31 at Faith RESULTS

Sept 28 at Brent

Oct 11 IASAS 5km at MPC & Oct 12 IASAS 3km TT at ISM

Race results 2018:

Aug 18 at Faith Race Results 

Sept 14-16 at Bangkok

Girls results

Boys results

Oct 17-22 IASAS at ISKL Results

Race results 2017:

Fri-Sun Sept 15-17 Pre IASAS race #4 at ISB Bangkok- Results

Sept 23 XC #5 at Brent – Results

Race results 2016:

MS XC team video

Sat Sept 10 at Faith

Fri-Sun Sept 16-18 Pre I exchange meet at ISB

IASAS Results Boys 5km  Boys Time trial results

IASAS Results Girls 5km  Girls Time trial results

Race results 2015:

Oct 7-11, 2015 IASAS XC at Bangkok 

Full 5km boys results:

Full 5km girls results: 

Full TT boys results:

Full TT girls results:

Race results 2014:

Sept 13 Varsity exchange at ISB–

Race Results 2013:

Boys 5km and team relay results links- 

Girls 5km and team relay results links-