Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

It is a professional responsibility that all ISM coaches review and adhere to the contents of the ISM Coaches Handbook which can be found included under the staff portal employee handbooks link. 

Coaches should also review our program overview/philosophy and will not tolerate ANY discriminatory, coercive/hazing type behavior of any kind on ISM teams. Examples are team dinners where coercion is used for new/freshman athletes to eat unpalatable foods/drinks, making players wear embarrassing clothes to school, on match days, on school trips or forcing freshman athletes to be team 'gophers' for more senior members of the team. Athletes on ISM teams should.....

ISM Coaches Code of Conduct: Coaches have an important responsibility as a role model and representative of ISM. Coaches are required to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful way at all times and in all dealings with students, parents, coaches and officials. This also includes activity on social media sites. Coaches are not to engage in verbal abuse/harassment and demonstrative behavior toward match officials or representatives of other schools. This includes both local leagues and IASAS competition. Coaches who contravene this rule may be relieved of coaching duties or not reassigned to coach the following season or school year.

Team social media sites/groups: All ISM teams who wish to have a social media presence to aid team communication will use ISM google classroom depending on the school division. All postings on google classroom team sites must be team related, limited to the sports season only and kept to a minimum. Essentially these platforms are a simple message board for coach to player or captain to player communication during the season only. Coaches are advised and should not engage in any private messaging or use of individual chats with players via any open social media platform like Facebook, Viber, Whats app etc. This would also apply to parent private msg groups. On IASAS trips whats app sites used for the curfew call procedure MUST be deleted as soon at the trip is over.

Coaches will not make negative comments about officials, local schools, individual players or IASAS schools via any social media platform.

Team trips: Weekend or overnight team trips are not part of the athletics program and are not school sanctioned. Team trips should not to occur at the expense of scheduled local league matches and thus cause arranged matches to be forfeited or rescheduled. Attendance by coaches at these trips is discouraged by ISM Administration.

Parent/Spectators Code of Conduct

ISM encourages parental and community support at all events when our teams are playing whether at home or at away venues.

At all sporting events held on campus or at other venues (including IASAS schools) where ISM teams are playing, ISM parents and support spectators are expected to role model respectful and courteous behaviour at all times towards opposition teams and especially officials. Parents are not to enter the field of play or speak with players/officials from opposing teams or approach match officials.

The hundreds of games our students participate in and enjoy annually cannot happen without the referees/linesman and officials. 

Be supportive and fair when cheering for the Bearcats and other teams to model sportsmanlike behaviour to our young athletes at all times.