Our coaching staff are so excited to have been back working with our student athletes in SY 22-23 and are even more excited to continue in SY 23-24.

Coach appointments for SY 24-25 will be confirmed on or after May 19th, 2024 once the coaching expression of interest deadline has passed.

ISM Coaches/Advisers for school year ’24-24 (will be confirmed during the month of May 2024).

1st Season: 


Varsity Girls- Coach Cablao and Coach Yana, Varsity Boys Coach TBC?, Coach TBC? 

JV Girls- Coach Cha and Coach Joyce,  JV Boys- Coach Rhenze, Coach Ron 

MS Girls- Coach Camille, Hana, Angel, Steph, MS Boys-Coach Rhenze and DJ


Varsity Girls-Coach Sheard and Coach Marshall, JV Girls-Coach Kea and Coach Alyssa

MS Girls- Gold- Coach Pam, Coach TBC?, Coach Alyssa and Coach ?

Varsity Boys-Coach MacInnes and Coach Taylor

Boys Aspirants-Coach Leitz and Coach Aaron

MS A1- Coach Fowler and Coach Bizley

MS A2-Coach Xavier and Coach Van Lierop

MS C1- Coach Aaron & Coach ?/C2 Coach Chris & Coach Xavier

Cross Country:

Varsity Boys & Girls- Coach D and A. Respecki, Coach Davis MS-Coach Forgie, Coach Nelson, Coach Hogg

2nd Season: 


Varsity Girls-Coach Hardin and Coach Ays

Varsity Boys-Coach Hefte and Thompson

JV Girls- Coach Philen, Coach Tello, Coach Davis

JV Boys- Coach Swan and Coach Callahan

Aspirants Boys- Coach Johnson and Coach Nourse

MS Girls Gold- Coach Julie & Coach Che/MS Green Coach Nikki, Coach Phinney

MS Boys Gold- Coach McKnight/Coach Pat, Green- Coach Manuel, Coach Carl, White-Coach Stamps, Coach Zophi


Varsity Girls- Coach Fiebig and Coach Pauline

JV Girls-Coach- Coach Janin/Coach Cholo and Coach Aitken 

MS Girls- Coach Van de Merwe/Coach Rara


Varsity Boys- Coach Doble/Coach Pearce

JV Boys- Coach Kramer and Coach Holton

u/15 Boys- Coach Lito and Coach Woods

MS Boys: Coach DJ, Coach Chiles and Coach Lito

Varsity Swim Team:

Coach- Coach Jessie, Coach Forgie, Coach Jonathan, Coach Betty


Varsity Boys- Coach Allen and Taylor, Coach Ken

Varsity Girls- Coach Saret and Coach Arevelo

MS Girls- Coach Faye and Coach tbc?

MS Boys- Coach, Mike, Miguel, Ken 

3rd Season

HS Track and Field: Coach, Respecki, Gallen, Lapus, Unso, Jio, Joan

MS Track and Field: Coach Dutton, Marshall, Nelson, Jio, Davis, Stamps, Salonga

Baseball: – Coach Sutton, Coach Iggy, Coach Linett 

Softball Varsity Girls- Coach Arte and Coach Che and Coach Forgie

JV Boys Baseball- Coach Iggy, Coach Ivan

JV Girls Softball- Coach Kat and Coach Rizza.

Golf- HS Coach Pearce and Coach Hudson, MS/JV Golf Coach Sheard, Johnson, Zophi

Badminton: Varsity Boys- Coach Kennie Asuncion and Roy Callanta, Varsity Girls Coach Allen, Coach Kristina and Coach Hazel

JV Boys Coach Callanta and Coach TBC?

MS Girls/Boys Coach Kennie and Coach Kenneth

4th Season: 

MS Boys Baseball – Coach Iggy, Coach Ivan, Coach Linett and Coach Strange

MS Girls Softball Club- Coach Savoy/Joyce/Rizza