Congratulations to our ISM Varsity Golf teams for fastastic results at the 2024 IASAS Golf championships in Kuala Lumpur

ISM Girls Golf team BRONZE medal and ISM Boys Golf team SILVER medal

Varsity/JV Golf teams for 2025 will be posted here after tryouts in late Jan 2025

*Our golf program is a season 3 or spring sport at ISM. Tryouts will be held the final week of January and our season goes until early-mid April.

We have two programs...our HS Varsity program and our HS JV/MS Golf Academy program both during season 3. Our HS Varsity team is selected after tryouts and they practice and play mid week and on weekends and then go to our conference (IASAS)  tournament at the end of the season. Next April the event is hosted by ISKL (International School Kuala Lumpur). Our HS JV/MS Academy players focus on skill development with some mid week and weekend game play during the season. MS students from gr. 7 & 8 can join the JV/Academy group as long as they have previous playing experience and sound fundamentals of the game. We do allow younger gr. 5-6 players to join as long as they have sound fundamentals and are regular players. Our golf program is not a beginners learn to golf program.

MS Golf Academy Team 

HS JV Golf Academy Team 

Varsity Boys 

Varsity Girls 


At the October 2011 IASAS board meeting in Singapore, golf after a 4 year trial, was approved as a fully sanctioned IASAS sport from school year ’12-13. The 1st official IASAS Golf Tournament was held at ISKL April 10-14, 2013: ISM Boys and Girls Golf team won SILVER and BRONZE at the  1st IASAS Golf Tournament!

2024 IASAS Golf at Templar Park Golf Club Girls BRONZE, Boys SILVER

2023 IASAS Golf at Bangkok Golf Club Girls GOLD, Boys SILVER

2022 IASAS Virtual Golf ISM Boys 4th/Girls 4th

2021 Golf cancelled due to COVID 19

2020 Golf cancelled due to COVID-19

2019 IASAS Golf Results at JIS- ISM Boys 1st/Girls 2nd

2018 IASAS Golf Results at ISM- ISM Boys 3rd/ISM Girls 4th

2017 IASAS Golf Results at ISM- ISM Boys 3rd/ISM Girls 5th

2016 IASAS Golf Team Results at JIS- ISM Boys 4th/Girls 5th

2015 IASAS Golf Team Results at ISKL- ISM Boys 4th/Girls 5th

2014 IASAS Golf Team Results at TAS- ISMBoys 4th/Girls 5th

2013 IASAS Golf Team Results at ISKL- ISM Boys 2nd/Girls 3rd

Tournament Format:  IASAS Golf is a three day event, two days of stroke play individual and team tournament format plus one day of match play.  Pairings for the final day of match play format are determined based on #1-6 ranking from the 2 day stroke rounds. A team champion trophy is awarded for the best 2 day combined stroke play score with best 4 boys cards counting and best 4 girls cards counting toward the total score. Also awarded are medals for the top 3 male and female golfers based on gross score. The top 6 male and female golfers achieve receive an All Tournament chevron. *The IASAS team roster is made up of 6 male and 6 female HS golfers.

The golf team that travels to IASAS is determined by a series of qualifying rounds that are played along with attendance at regular practice sessions. ISM golfers who submit the minimum number of signed golf cards and show dedication by attending the arranged ISM golfing qualifying round dates/practice sessions are eligible for selection to the traveling team.